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Columbus Humane Receives $50,000 Grant From The Rachael Ray Foundation

Funds will be used for Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Dog Bonding Rooms & Cat Housing

Columbus, Ohio (April 6, 2018) – Columbus Humane is undergoing an extensive, much-needed renovation, designed to better serve more animals and people in Central Ohio, and The Rachael Ray Foundation has made a $50,000 gift to help make that happen.

The Rachael Ray Foundation was established by television host and philanthropist Rachael Ray and is funded by a portion of proceeds from each sale of Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® super premium pet food and treats.

The gift comes as Columbus Humane is currently in the midst of a $3 million capital campaign to fund the organization’s renovations and expansion. The gift is directed towards additional bonding rooms for dogs and improved housing for cats. These funds will also be used to match up to $50,000 in donations raised for the transformative renovation to the shelter.

“To be recognized nationally is a testament to the innovative and forward thinking work we are doing right here in Columbus. We are extremely grateful to the Foundation for the gift and the support,” said Rachel Finney, CEO of Columbus Humane.

The renovation is needed to help Columbus Humane continue serving the more than 8,000 animals and thousands more people it assists each year. A non-profit organization, Columbus Humane is the first resource for animals and their people, particularly in crisis situations, such as those who are in a domestic violence situation but do not want to abandon their pets to seek help, and those who are not able to adequately care for their pets. Columbus Humane routinely serves individuals and families from low-income areas assisting them with food, medication and other needs. Finally, Columbus Humane keeps the Columbus community safe by investigating reports of animal cruelty and neglect, resulting in 6,000 visits every year.

The 36,000 square foot shelter, which was built in 1992, is showing tremendous wear and tear. A December 2016 flood that destroyed critical areas of the shelter further made renovations necessary and critical.

The renovation includes exciting updates like quadrupling cat housing; providing dogs with more dedicated spaces to meet potential adopters; and upgrading the organization’s veterinary hospital. This renovation, to be completed in late 2018, will allow Columbus Humane to maximize every square inch of public space to provide better care for our animals, our visitors, our staff and volunteers.

In addition to the renovations, Columbus Humane is implementing various programs and partnerships to ensure faster and more efficient service and the ability to assist more animals and people. In May, for example, the organization will launch a call center to manage the high number of inquiries, reports and communication that takes place with regard to adoptions, cruelty investigations and more.

The end result of Columbus Humane’s renovations and changes will be a state-of-the-art facility that assists more animals and people across the community in more efficient and impactful ways. The organization’s vision is to serve as a model shelter and implement forward-thinking programs to mitigate critical challenges in the animal welfare field.

To make a gift for the renovation, click here.


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