Columbus Humane adopts animals into loving homes and investigates animal cruelty, neglect and abandonment within Franklin County.  We have been taking care of pets and their people since 1883.  We undertake numerous programs and services  in support of our mission. 


Cruelty Investigations

Columbus Humane is the lead law enforcement agency in Franklin County for investigating cases of animal cruelty, abuse and neglect. Each year, our four full-time humane agents and one part-time commissioned agent investigate more than 6,000 reports of animal cruelty.

Our animal cops work hard in the field 365 days a year to protect animals from abuse and to educate members of the community about the proper care and treatment of animals. Reports are received from concerned citizens, social services, health departments and other law enforcement agencies.


Through our Adoption program, Columbus Humane works to match healthy and behaviorally sound animals with loving homes. Individuals work with adoption counselors and volunteer matchmakers to find the perfect "match." All dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets adopted from Columbus Humane are vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and micro-chipped. We also work to find homes for a number of different pocket pets like gerbils and guinea pigs.

In addition to our traditional adoption program, Columbus Humane has a special adoptables program for animals with special behavioral or medical needs.

We also have a Mobile Adoption & Rescue Vehicle (MARV). This 32 ft. RV was converted to transport adoptable dogs, cats and rabbits throughout the community in style to promote adoption.

Adoptable cats are also available at Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe in Clintonville (cover charge applies).


Because we are so successful in placing adoptable dogs in loving homes, we’re often faced with empty dog kennels. EmBARK ensures that our kennels don’t stay empty for too long.

Transfer programs are popular throughout the country, but the EmBARK program (Engaging in the Mutually Beneficial Application of Resources & Knowledge) is the first program of its kind nationwide. We transfer dogs from overpopulated shelters around Ohio to Columbus Humane for adoption.

But we don’t stop there.

We wanted to help all dogs in our partner shelters, not just those that are transferred to our facility. Through the EmBARK program, we provide partner shelters with training, veterinary supplies and equipment necessary to vaccinate their entire populations upon admission and provide cleaner, more enriched living environments. We guarantee regular transfers of adoptable dogs to our facility and visit partner shelters often to provide continuous support and training. We also provide partner shelters support with data management and fund development.


In 2013 we added a Mobile Adoption & Rescue Vehicle (MARV).  This 32 ft. RV was converted to transport adoptable dogs, cats and rabbits throughout the community in style to promote adoption.

What is MARV?

MARV is a climate-controlled converted RV with side extension that accommodates guests on board to view adoptable cats, dogs and rabbits.  Quite the versatile vehicle, MARV is able to attend community events (such as WAG!, Sunny 95 weekly block parties and “Touch a Truck”) and be a stand-alone mobile adoption location for the Capital Area Humane Society. 

MARV is also functioning as a rescue vehicle, capable of assisting our humane agents with large-scale seizures or responding to regional hoarding cases or natural disasters for use as a transport vehicle. 

Check our facebook page at and website to see where MARV may be heading next!

How exactly do mobile adoptions work?

We bring the pets to you.

MARV visits high-traffic public spaces and events to promote the adoption of homeless animals.  The Capital Area Humane Society arrives with adoptable animals and all of the necessary veterinary and behavioral information available for each animal. Adoptions can be completed from start to finish on MARV and adopters can leave with their new pet. All dogs and cats are vaccinated, micro-chipped, spayed or neutered and given flea/tick and heartworm prevention prior to adoption. Cats are tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV and dogs over 6 months are tested for heartworm. Adoption fees vary.

Want a date with MARV?

  • Anticipated attendance at your event must be at least 500 people (for adoption events).
  • Ideal times for MARV visits are weekend days between 10:00 a.m. – noon and weekdays between noon and 2:00 PM, though other days and times can be arranged.

Your event must have ample parking space for MARV including allowance for 10 ft. on either side of the vehicle.

  • Your event must have ample parking space for MARV including allowance for 10 ft. on either side of the vehicle. Be prepared—MARV weighs 13,000 lbs.
  • Your event site must be pet-friendly. Cats are confined to MARV, but leashed dogs may come in and out of the vehicle. (Yep, we clean up after ourselves.)
  • Access to electrical outlet is required for events lasting longer than 2 hours.

THANKS to the ASPCA, Columbus Foundation and Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust for helping make MARV possible.


Safe Haven

Protect your pet and yourself from family violence.

This unique program is designed to support victims of domestic violence who are attempting to leave an abusive situation, but fear for the safety of their companion animals.

Currently, no local domestic violence shelters offer services to pets.  We offer a temporary housing option for pets so victims can seek safety for themselves and know their pets are receiving outstanding care and are safe from harm.  During their stay, all pets will receive complete veterinary care including vaccinations and treatments for illness and injuries. Dogs, cats and rabbits can also receive a spay or neuter surgery.  All services are offered at no cost to the clients.  In 2016, the Safe Haven for Pets program provided service to 14 individuals and families and coordinated foster care for 50 companion animals.

While you keep yourself safe, we’ll keep your pets secure.

If you or someone you know needs help, contact the Safe Haven dedicated line at (614)980-2032.  This line is for Safe Haven calls ONLY.

For all other calls, contact the Capital Area Humane Society at (614)777-7387.

Adoptions ext. 218
Report Animal Cruelty ext. 250
Animal Support Center ext. 208
Donations ext. 221

For counseling, shelter, crisis intervention, education and community and legal support, contact CHOICES Eliminating Domestic Violence 24-hour Domestic Violence Crisis, Information and Referral Line at (614)224-HOME (4663).

STEPS Volunteer Training Program

We are always looking for help with our animals. But, we have to get you ready first.

Columbus Humane is home to more than 550 active volunteers serving over 42,000 hours each year. Our amazing volunteers make an impact by socializing cats and rabbits, exercising and training dogs, fostering animals in their homes, assisting with veterinary care, and supporting adoption and fundraising events. Our volunteer training program, STEPS (Skills-Training, Engagement and Practice for Success) is a 16-hour curriculum of both classroom and hands-on learning. Broken down into blocks of 4-hour programming, volunteers learn about animal care, behavior and body language, veterinary health, quality of life, decision-making in our organization, cruelty investigations and much more!

STEPS Volunteer Program

Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine

We are so incredibly proud and honored to partner extensively with the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Our partnership was among the first in the country to require a two-week rotation in shelter medicine and surgery for all fourth-year veterinary students.

This rotation is consistently rated number one by students, as they get hands-on experience and make a meaningful impact on the well-being of animals in need.  Our staff veterinarians work with faculty veterinarians from Ohio State to oversee the work of 6-8 students in each rotation.

Community Cat Initiative

Let’s create fewer strays through spays.

Much of the feline overpopulation crisis experienced in Central Ohio stems from an abundant feral cat population. Their offspring are the kittens found in yards and parking lots that make their way into the shelter for rehoming. The Community Cat Initiative is designed to support responsible feral cat caregivers by providing subsidized spay and neuter services for ferals involved in Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) programs throughout Central Ohio.

We believe that responsible feral cat colony management is the most humane response to the estimated hundreds of thousands of feral cats living in communities throughout central Ohio. Though the Humane Society lacks the resources necessary to actively manage feral cat colonies directly, we support colony management by providing spay/neuter and vaccination services.

Colony caregivers may inquire about quantity spay/neuter services for via our Community Cat Initiative by contacting our Veterinary Services Manager at (614)777-7387 ext. 207.

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Admission services by appointment only
Same-day appointments may be available
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Phone (614) 777-7387
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