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Sometimes, your situation won’t allow you to properly care for a pet any longer.  We understand how hard this decision may be and are here to help you evaluate your options for your pet or the pet that you are trying to help.

Please note that we have expanded our hours and are scheduling Help Session veterinary exams through our Animal Support Center by appointment.  Please bring a photo ID with you.  You’ll find the Animal Support Center entrance on the side of our building, to the right, as you approach the main entrance.

Animal Support Center Hours *

By appointment, seven days a week.  Same-day appointments may be available.

Call (614) 777-7387 and ask for an appointment.

* Services are offered for homeless animals and those in danger of becoming homeless.  Owner-requested euthanasia is also available.

Animal Support Center Details

Columbus Humane strives to ensure that each healthy and adoptable companion animal in our care finds a loving home. We only admit animals for whom we can provide the highest quality of care. To better assist our clients, we ask you to schedule a help session, which will include a veterinary exam so we may assist you with options for the animal in need of assistance.

We will serve healthy feral cats by providing spay and neuter services to cats managed by colony caregivers through our rescue clinic and feral fix programs.  We do not admit feral cats for rehoming.

We will serve healthy momma cats with un-weaned kittens by providing support and supplies for the caregiver until the kittens are no longer nursing.  Admission of these kittens and/or their mom will be guaranteed to the caregiver when the kittens are 8 weeks of age.

We do not admit stray cats from outside Franklin County. Lost cats should remain in the community they were found for the very best chance of finding their way home.

Owner-requested euthanasia services are offered through the Animal Support Center.

For more information or assistance, please call our Animal Support Center at (614)777-7387 ext. 208 during open hours.  Please leave a message and a member of our team will return the call. 

If you find a stray cat or kitten, we encourage you to visit to see if they are listed as lost and might be returned directly to their owner.  If you find a stray dog, please contact Franklin County Animal Care & Control at (614) 525-3400.  For more information about lost pets, click here.

There are fees associated with surrendering any animal, including strays. Inability to pay is never a barrier to us helping an animal.

Animal Support Center forms:

New Client questionnaire - cat

New Client questionnaire -- dog

Owner Requested Euthanasia

Dog Surrender

Cat Surrender

Rabbit Surrender

Exotic Surrender

Animal Support Center Fees

Help Session Veterinary exam (required) -- $15 per adult animal or single kitten, $5 for each additional juvenile.

+ Admit cat for adoption program -- + $10

+ Admit dog for adoption program -- + $45

Owner requested euthanasia without exam -- $60

Care of remains -- $25

Additional services are available and will be quoted during your Help Session.

We will always accept any companion animal in immediate danger of abuse, neglect or abandonment!

Safe Haven


Protect your pet and yourself from family violence.

This unique program is designed to support victims of domestic violence who are attempting to leave an abusive situation, but fear for the safety of their companion animals.

Currently, no local domestic violence shelters offer services to pets.  We offer a temporary housing option for pets so victims can seek safety for themselves and know their pets are receiving outstanding care and are safe from harm.  During their stay, all pets will receive complete veterinary care including vaccinations and treatments for illness and injuries. Dogs, cats and rabbits can also receive a spay or neuter surgery.  All services are offered at no cost to the clients within Franklin County.  In 2016, the Safe Haven for Pets program provided service for 57 companion animals.  Average length of stay for animals in this program was 39 days.

While you keep yourself safe, we’ll keep your pets secure.

While you keep yourself safe, we’ll keep your pets secure.  For assistance with your pets, call the dedicated Safe Haven line at (614) 980-2032.  Please note, this number is ONLY for the Safe Haven domestic violence program.  Operators do not provide information or counseling about other Columbus

Euthanasia Policy

We provide only the highest quality of care. We want to do that for as many animals as possible. If we cannot provide the highest quality of care to an animal, or if providing a high quality of care for that animal impacts our ability to provide a high quality of care to all our other animals, we will consider transfer to another agency if appropriate and available.  If we are not able to provide rehoming services for an animal, they will be euthanized.  You will be asked to sign a statement that you understand this at the time of admitting your pet.

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Animal Support Center

Admission services by appointment only
Same-day appointments may be available
(614) 777-7387 ext. 208

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Adoption Hours

Monday - Friday2pm - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday12pm - 5pm

Animal Support Center

Admission services by appointment only
Same-day appointments may be available
(614) 777-7387 ext. 208

Phone (614) 777-7387
  Fax (614) 777-8449
3015 Scioto Darby Executive Ct
Hilliard, OH 43026
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Animal Support Center

Call (614)777-7387 ext. 208 to schedule a help session appointment.
Appointments are available seven days a week and same day appointments may be available.
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